Aris Wealth Management SA
67, Rue du Rhône - CH-1207 Geneva
T +41 (0) 22 787 29 00 - F +41 (0) 22 787 29 01

Une équipe expérimentée dévouée à votre service

The partners at ARIS are seasoned professionals with a long experience in the wealth management and finance fields. Their successful track record enables them to offer the best asset management capabilities that your individual situation requires. The team is entirely dedicated to your investment success and to building a lasting and privileged relationship.

David d'OnofrioDavid D'Onofrio

Associate Manager
Former Co-Head of Miura Global Equity, an investment fund. Formerly Portfolio Manager for independent fund management groups in Geneva.

Geoffrey S. de BeauregardGeoffrey S. de Beauregard

Former CEO of Investment Bank Natixis Bleichroeder, New York. Formerly responsible for the “Global Cash Equities” division of Société Générale, Director of Lazard Brothers Capital markets, London and Managing Director of SBCI in London and Zurich.